1st Meeting: the consultation

This is the meeting we get to meet you and hear all about you as the couple and the vision for your wedding! We require a $20 consultation fee which can be paid here prior to our meeting. 

We ask that only you, and if you’d like, one other person to come to these meetings – with any more than that too many opinions will be present, and the desires and plans for your wedding can get lost in the mix of too many voices. Feel free and bring inspiration photos, a pinterest link and anything else that will help us see your hopes for your wedding. We brianstorm here with you, gather all our ideas in one place and present them to you at our 2nd meeting.

2nd Meeting:the vision

At this meeting, we present our design to you and finalize your budget, Also, as a reminder, we will require a 50% non-refundable deposit in order to book us for your wedding day, and for you to take your design with you after the meeting.

We also ask that you only bring yourself and anyone who is financially responsible for the wedding with you. We will sign contracts and move ahead on the planning for your wedding florals.


3rd Meeting: Final Details

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