the styled botanist


It all started OVER Lazy sunday morning coffee...

Truth be told, some of our best ideas come when we are well rested, well fed and at home with our favorite things. In our case, a perfect cup of coffee or a great red wine surrounded by our favorite flowers and plants sparked this endeavor. After continued success in adding plants and botanicals our own projects and specifically styling products for photo shoots and weddings, 3 Leaf has decided to offshoot this small project and create THE STYLED BOTANIST. 

We believe that adding plants and nature to your work and every day space gives life and vibrancy. It's a lifestyle we strive to bring to you. Think of us as the plant lady for your brand. We are available to botanically style everything from VRBO's, restaurants, branding photoshoots, open houses, or office spaces.

We will be accepting a limited number of clients and brands to style for the 2018 year. Please contact us here for more information.